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Week 18: IKNOS by Foot Analytics Covid-19 Traffic Recovery

Foot Analytics wants to take part in this battle against COVID-19, by helping professionals of different industries who have (more than ever) to rely on big data and analytics to act and accurately predict different economic scenarios promptly. With that purpose, we are going to share weekly data collected from Foot Analytics’ sensors across Europe and filtered through our platform IKNOS.

In our third Street Traffic Recovery Report, we are sharing and analyzing data on post lockdown recovery in terms of traffic of people in Week 18. The Week 18 traffic trend reflected the regulatory scenario characterizing Europe in this phase of recovery from Covid 19 aftermath; a moderate increase in the street traffic across European cities, with differences arising from the level of restrictions that governments are still adopting. Therefore, Amsterdam and Prague were still leading as the cities with the highest amount of street traffic; around only 20-25% less than the situation pre-Covid 19. Other cities like Barcelona, London, Madrid and Milan were still lagging behind in terms of improvement, despite a slight increase from Week 17.

Image 1 – Europe & Spain Retail Traffic Recovery Report

Following with the report, very interesting and representative is the situation concerning the food market in Barcelona; during Week 18, traffic increased of 6pp, while the dwell time slightly decreased, reflecting the normal behavioral pattern of people in the pre-Covid 19 scenario. Although at a slow pace, it seems that things have started to get back to normality.

Image 2 – Food Markets Traffic Recovery Report

Considering public transports, data don’t show any significant change since Week 17, with traffic on both high-speed trains between Barcelona and Madrid and on the metro service in Barcelona still down to -83% since the beginning of the lockdown.

Image 3 – Spain Public Transport Traffic Recovery Report

However, starting from Week 19 we are expecting enormous changes in the data registered. In fact, with a policy of general ease of restrictions put in place by many European governments, traffic around cities and among the services offered are expected to surge drastically. Although the situation will probably still be far from normality, Week 19 could represent a decisive turning point towards the end of this dramatic period.

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