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Know the answers to the most frequently asked questions

About iKnos Corporate

What does iKnos Corporate do, exactly?

iKnos provides analytics and live, consolidated workplace occupancy data for corporate real estate leaders, facility managers and workspace planners.

Our analytics help you to understand which workspaces people need and use. This enables you to fit your global portfolio and buildings to the optimal size, and design the best employee experience at the right cost.

What level of detail can iKnos Corporate provide?

It depends on the available data sources.

iKnos can measure your entire real estate portfolio, giving you a consolidated view across countries, locations, and buildings. It also lets you drill down as granular as floors, areas, or meeting rooms.

What sizes and types of companies benefit from iKnos Corporate?

iKnos can help any large enterprise that primarily employs knowledge workers (typically, 500 or more employees).

Our customers are national, multinational or global organizations, operating in all kind of industries such as financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, consulting, government…

What makes iKnos Corporate different from other solutions?

iKnos is a Cloud-based, SaaS solution that can be managed entirely remotely.

Most solutions on the market measure your workplace occupancy with physical sensors. iKnos uses your Wi-Fi infrastructure (we are hardware-agnostic), already deployed in your buildings.

This means there’s no need for new installations, our solution is no capex and has an immediate set-up!

Privacy and Security

Is iKnos Corporate GDPR-compliant?

We comply with GDPR, and we keep privacy top-of-mind as we grow and improve.

The protection of personal data is a fundamental part of our platform and of our working culture.

This is how we assure privacy:

    1.  In your workspace, connected devices emit Wi-Fi signals, which are detected by the router.
    2.  In the cloud, the signals are anonymized and analyzed to provide you with aggregated KPIs on space usage.
    3. The KPIs are stored in the database, and we show them to you in the dashboard. All other data is deleted.

What kind of data does iKnos Corporate process?

iKnos processes data for analysis and visualization within the product. The only personal data that we process is the MAC identifier of the mobile device, which is irreversibly pseudonymised the moment it is detected and is subject to a maximum retention period defined by the client.

Even though it is considered personal data, the MAC of the mobile device does not reveal any additional information about its owner.

For any query, clarification, or exercise of your rights; You can contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) by email: dpo (at) footanalytics (dot) com.