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Space Management Platform

Your strategic decisions, backed by the best data

Solve your key questions with a powerful spatial intelligence dashboard.

Get 24/7 occupancy analytics to flexibly manage your workplaces.

Compare all your portfolio performance at a glance, see how one of your specific buildings is used, or dive into the occupancy details of specific floors or areas.

Select from any multiple valuable KPIs such as density, average utilization, peak occupancy, recency… and much more!

Manage your spaces with knowledge

Your spaces Benchmark

Most / Less demanded spaces

Peak and Average Occupancy

Spaces usage ratios

Detailed Usage Patterns

Days per week attendance

Time Usage of spaces and buildings

Daily Patterns

Occupants’ behaviours

Most common journeys

Food & Beverage Areas

Meeting Rooms Usage

Occupants’ Experience

(m² per person)

Average attendance to office

Favourite spaces (most used areas)