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Portfolio Strategy

Right-size your Portfolio

We simulate the optimal space dimension that guarantees the best employee experience. This simulation is done by training our Machine Learning platform with the usage patterns of each single occupant, obtained from the measurement of the 24/7 occupancy data. 

How is the Scaling Factor KPI calculated?


Setting the expected area (m²) per person to ensure an ideal user experience


Measuring average occupancy for each area


Anonymously analysing users’ behaviours (when they enter and the time they spend in each area)


Providing the Scaling Factor KPI of the space reduction capacity, taking into account the established area per person


Simulating the future occupancy for multiple scenarios from the behaviour pattern of the observed users

Scaling Factor, the KPI you need

Right-size your Portfolio

KPI that provides an optimization ratio per floor and per building

Make confident decisions

Machine Learning simulations minimize planning errors (<2%)

Simulate optimization

Concentrate floors and buildings considering real usage patterns

Know your ROI status

Quantify the return of investment and the costs you save
(m² reduction)