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Week 17: IKNOS by Foot Analytics Covid-19 Traffic Recovery

Foot Analytics wants to take part in this battle against COVID-19, by helping professionals of different industries who have (more than ever) to rely on big data and analytics to act and accurately predict different economic scenarios promptly. With that purpose, we are going to share weekly data collected from Foot Analytics’ sensors across Europe and filtered through our platform IKNOS.

In our second Street Traffic Recovery Report, we are sharing and analyzing data on post lockdown recovery in terms of the traffic of people in Week 17. Week 17 traffic trend was in line with what seems to be a general, but still very moderate, ease of lockdown restrictions in most of the European countries. In fact, as pictured in the left column of the General Traffic Recovery Report, the street activity in terms of the number of people walking in the street increased among almost every area of Europe, with Amsterdam and Prague recovering around 20 percentage points from Week 16. At the same time, Southern Europe, more affected by the coronavirus outbreak and diffusion, still struggled to show signs of recovery, with Milan, Madrid and Barcelona reporting the same traffic decrease as the previous week. Also in London, the situation remained stable from Week 16.

Following on the report, we analyzed how different degrees of ease of lockdown restrictions and the consequent different increase in the street traffic affected three types of businesses that heavily depend on people freedom of mobility and interaction: retail shops, food markets and public transports. As we can see at the Retail Traffic Report, the traffic of people walking outside the shops logically followed the same exact trend as the street activity measured across cities, with shops in Amsterdam and Prague receiving a 20 percentage points increase in outdoor traffic.

Image 1 – Europe & Spain Retail Traffic Recovery Report

Finally, the focus on Barcelona concerning food markets and public transports showed minimal improvement in traffic from Week 16, reflecting governments’ decision to maintain in place the same lockdown restrictions of previous weeks. We expect to see more significant changes starting from Week 18.

Image 2 – Spain Public Transport Traffic Recovery Report
Image 3- Food Markets Traffic Recovery Report

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