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Get the same powerful indicators and analytics of the online world for the brick & mortar stores. We measure store behaviour in terms of traffic capture, visits, conversion rate, dwell time and loyalty.


We provide an accurate funnel conversion rate identifying only the real sales opportunities eliminating duplicated visits across different dealers.

Smart Cities

Overall traffic flows and citizen’s behaviour in real time in public transport users, parks visitors or city movements will help you defining the urban plans, land-use plans or mobility planning.

How it works

Understand the customer journey


Through the passive listening of the Wi-Fi signals, we collect anonymized data which is processed through our powerful algorithms and converted into valuable customer-behaviour or valuable business KPIs.


We connect the offline data with the identified purchase thus obtaining an omnichannel customer journey that will let you define personalized messages according to the behaviour and relationship with the brand.


We use the Wi-Fi channel enabled by our technology, to open a communication channel between the brand and your customers being able to adapt the content to the specific profile of each visitor.

Foot Analytics

Leading location store analytics


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