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Understand & engage customers

Our solution provides you with valuable KPIs and insights on real-time occupancy, foot traffic and customer behavior, empowering your decision-making with analytics and helping you create seamless, omnichannel customer experiences.

Decision-making in Retail


Retailers are often challenged with pressing and strategic business questions regarding:

  • Real-time occupancy: Has any threshold been surpassed?
  • Customer behavior: How do they behave and what is their customer journey?
  • Store attractiveness: What is the impact of my marketing campaigns?
  • Forecasting: How much foot traffic is my store expected to receive?
  • Sales optimization: How can I size my salesforce to optimize sales?
  • Omnichannel experienceCan I digitally connect with my offline visitors?

What We Do


We provide valuable KPIs and insights on real-time occupancy, foot traffic and customer behavior

We empower retailers with valuable analytics concerning foot traffic in their physical spaces, helping them address key challenges

Real-time occupancy

  • Real-time occupancy in physical spaces and in different zones
  • Automated alerts in case thresholds are surpassed
  • Definition of different thresholds

Customer behavior

  • Total foot traffic, capture and bounce rates, new and repeated visits and dwell times, among others
  • Customer journey inside a physical space or along multiple touchpoints

Store attractiveness

  • Impact of new marketing campaigns & strategies, store revamps, or of the introduction of a new store concept
  • In-store “hotspots” & traffic that passes by the store

Forecasting function

  • Foot traffic forecasting using historical data
  • Estimation of its impact in terms of sales
  • Continuous feed of the forecast tool with new historical data

Sales optimization

  • Foot traffic’s seasonality (yearly, monthly, weekly and daily)
  • Dimensioning of salesforce to increase assisted sales

Omnichannel experience

  • Omnichannel customer experience: communicating with offline visitors via online channels

We are able to match anonymized data with personalized data via identified customer touchpoints

We capture the customer journey and behaviors and help retailers communicate with offline customers via online channels

Example: John Doe’ is a visitor at ‘Store ABC’ 

  1. He arrives at ‘Store ABC’ in the morning, via the main access.
  2. His first stop is at Zone 1, where adds 3 items to his basket.
  3. Afterwards, he visits Zone 2, where he connects to the Wi-Fi, searches for the price of a specific product in the online store, finds the product in the store’s shelf and adds it to his basket.
  4. Then, he goes to Zone 3, but stops along the way in Zone 4, to speak to an employee.
  5. Finally, goes to the check-out, pays for the items and leaves the store through the secondary access.


Examples of insights captured and engagement established:

  • Entire customer journey (from Point 1 to Point 6) and along the client’s network of stores;
  • Dwell time in each point;
  • Categorization as a repeated visit (third visit in the last 6 months);
  • Creation of a new customer profile: ‘John Doe’ is Mark Smith, 32 years old, from England (his e-mail and contact number are also collected);
  • He was the store’s last attendant – when he arrived, the store reached its 75% occupancy level threshold;
  • When Mark connected to the store’s Wi-Fi, he received an e-mail with personalized suggestions and discounts for certain products;
  • His customer profile is now in the store’s CRM system.

How We Do It

  • Capture

We measure this data by remotely connecting to a facility’s Wi-Fi infrastructure (no CapEx or setup required!), collecting passive Wi-Fi signals from visitors’ smartphones.

In case the physical space lacks a Wi-Fi infrastructure, we can provide our own Plug & Play sensors.


  • Ingestion and processing

After capturing the data, we hash (anonymize) the smartphone’s MAC addresses in an irreversible way, in order to make the collected data fully compliant with data privacy regulations.

This anonymized raw data is then stored and computed by Foot Analytic’s proprietary algorithms, being converted into meaningful and valuable KPIs and insights.


  • Delivery

Lastly, we deliver all of the KPIs and insights to our clients by displaying them in visually appealing and intuitive dashboards, which are accessible via our web platform (IKNOS Retail).

In case the client wants to consult the data in its own BI tool, we can also provide the captured data via our APIs.


What We Have Achieved


Foot Analytics is already providing significant added value to several clients across Europe, empowering their decision-making capabilities with analytics insights

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