Connected Automotive

Control the sales process

Our solution provides you with valuable new KPIs regarding people attraction, sales performance, and marketing Return-on-Investment (ROI), empowering your decision-making with analytics.

The Automotive Customer Journey


The purchasing part of the automotive customer journey is divided in three main phases:

  1. Awareness: Automotive brands invest on advertising
  2. Consideration: The customer conducts an online research on the options
  3. Decision: The customer visits one or more dealerships and makes the final decision

Despite the Decision phase being a critical part of the purchasing process, automotive brands have little to no visibility over the number of sales opportunities visiting the dealer’s showrooms!

What We Do


We give brands complete control over the sales process

We provide brands with valuable new KPIs regarding people attraction, sales performance and Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Connected Automotive gives automotive players complete control over the sales process by measuring the traffic of people inside the dealerships and identifying real potential customers in terms of Unique Sales Opportunities.

How is this possible? Unique Sales Opportunities are calculated for every dealership by filtering out group visits, short visits (without commercial interest), business visits, repair shop visits and employees from the total traffic.

This process is automatically done by our algorithm, based on a series of rules and premises that can be defined by the brand or dealer.

Therefore, we are able to provide automotive players with valuable insights and KPIs such as: Total Traffic, Unique Sales Opportunities (old and new), and Yearly Opportunities Forecast. We even give automotive players visibility over cannibalization effects between different dealerships.

By connecting such data with the number of Offers and Orders received in a dealership, automotive players can unlock new KPIs such as the Opportunities Capture Rate and the Opportunities Conversion Rate.

Lastly, if automotive players add Marketing Investment data ‘into the mix’, they can obtain other valuable KPIs such as the Customer Visit Cost, and the Customer Acquisiton Cost (per brand and per dealer).

We help brands measure the real impact of marketing and commercial initiatives

We give brands a full understanding of customer behavior around pop-up stores and exhibitions and of how many individuals are impacted

Our solution collects valuable information regarding customer behavior around and nearby exhibitions, such as…

  • Presence in corner Insides: 3+ minutes spent at the corner​
  • Front traffic: Passer-by’s in front of the corner (1 – 10 meters)
  • Far traffic: People impacted from distance (+ 10 meters)​
  • Capture rates
  • Dwell times
  • New and repeated visits
  • Unique visitors: per day, per station, total…


This gives us visibility over some critical KPIs, such as:

  • Total number of people impacted
  • Level of interest: based on their proximity and dwell time around the exhibition
  • Number of impacted individuals who visit one of the dealers of the brand on the days following the event
  • Impact in terms of sales

How We Do It

  • Capture

We offer a sensor-based Plug & Play solution that detects the presence of visitors in dealerships by collecting smartphones’ passive Wi-Fi signals.

The device starts capturing data from the moment it is plugged into an electrical outlet.


  • Ingestion and processing

After capturing the data, we hash (anonymize) the smartphone’s MAC addresses in an irreversible way, in order to make the collected data fully compliant with data privacy regulations.

This anonymized raw data is then stored and computed by Foot Analytic’s proprietary algorithms, being converted into meaningful and valuable KPIs and insights.


  • Delivery

Lastly, we deliver all of the KPIs and insights to our clients by displaying them in visually appealing and intuitive dashboards, which are accessible via our web platform (IKNOS Automotive).

In case the client wants to consult the data in its own BI tool, we can also provide the captured data via our APIs.


What We Have Achieved


Foot Analytics is already providing significant added value to several automotive clients across Europe, empowering their decision-making capabilities with analytics insights

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