Improve In-Dealership experience

Foot Analytics automotive solution gives you the tools and data needed to make better business decisions, boost your sales and increase customer loyalty.

Building Conversion Funnel

Measure car dealers people traffic and conversions

The Customer Journey


The customer journey during the purchase process is divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Awareness
  • Phase 2: Consideration
  • Phase 3: Decision

In the Decision phase, the customer visits one or more dealerships to take the final decision. This phase is the most decisive part of the purchasing process. In this stage, car brands struggle to measure new sales opportunities in the showrooms due to the lack of sales traffic data. This is where Foot Analytics acts and helps the automotive brands

What We Do


We enable automotive Brands to have complete control over the sales process by measuring the traffic of people inside the dealerships in terms of Unique Sales Opportunities. Our data covers all the sales process starting when a potential customer enters in the dealership until the Brand estimates dealerships’ sales performances

Our solution detects all the traffic that visited a dealership and then groups it into Unique Sales Opportunities. Alongside the numbers of Offers and Orders of each dealership, Brands can measure the Sales Performance through some provided KPIs like the Opportunities Capture Rate, Conversion Rate and the Yearly Opportunities Forecast. With all of these aligned with the marketing investment and commercial efforts, Brands get the total control over the ROI of each dealership, region or country

How We Do It


  • Plug & Play solution

We offer a Plug & Play solution composed of two sensors that collect smartphones’ passive wi-fi signals in full compliance with GDPR regulations. The installation is done in 30 minutes in 4 different steps. The client has access to data since day 1


  • Unique Sales Opportunities

Grouping visits as real new opportunities, filtering employees presence and classifying visits as showroom or repair shop visits. By measuring the number of real unique sales Opportunities, we are able to provide to the brands the dealers’ traffic, and we calculate the real Customer Visit Cost and the real Customer Acquisition Cost, key metrics to improve marketing campaigns’ effectiveness and sales performance, respectively​


  • IKNOS Automotive

Data are organized and available to both brands and dealers in the form of KPIs on IKNOS platform, a powerful proprietary tool that displays the sales funnel evolution over time, the conversation rates and marketing ROI

Events Impact

Measure real impact of event investment

  • Number of people impacted

  • Interest: classifying impacted people by interest (proximity and dwell time impacted)

  • Measuring the number of impacts who visit on the following days one of the dealers of the brand.

Advertising Campaign ROI

Measuring the impact on visits of advertising investments


  • Which channels impact more strongly on dealer visits?

  • How long does it take from the start of a TV campaign and the real impact on new visits to the dealer?

  • What is the cost of any new opportunity driven to the dealer?

We enable automotive Brands to analyse the ROI of each marketing/commercial activity (fairs, vehicles exhibitions in public spaces, …) in terms of the generated impacts and conversions to sales. We quantify the people impacted and segment them by interest (impact distance, exposure time) and analyse how many of them later visit a point of sale. One of our last examples is Casa Seat in Barcelona, where we are measuring the driven traffic from the Casa Seat flagship store to any dealer in the Barcelona Area

Our Results

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