Improve In-Dealership experience

Foot Analytics automotive solution gives you the tools and data needed to make better business decisions, boost your sales and increase customer loyalty.

Building Conversion Funnel

Measure car dealers people traffic and conversions

Get an accurate conversion funnel

Grouping visits as real new opportunities, filtering employees presence and classifying visits as showroom or repairshop visits.

Events Impact

Measure real impact of event investment

Measure real impact of event investment

  • Number of people impacted

  • Interest: classifying impacted people by interest (proximity and dwell time impacted)

  • Measuring the number of impacts who visit on the following days one of the dealers of the brand.

Advertising Campaign ROI

Measuring the impact on visits of advertising investments

  • Which channels impact more strongly on dealer visits?

  • How long does it take from the start of a TV campaign and the real impact on new visits to dealer?

  • What is the cost of any new oportunity driven to dealer?